Vacation to vegas..


So, where do I start…

27th March 2017 – HOLIDAY TIME..

So my alarm was set for 2.30am and I got picked up at 3.30am and off to the airport we headed…tired wasn’t the word but I was way to excited to even care as I was off to the best place ever… LAS VEGAS! We partied in the car until the tiredness and moodiness hit.

I wont lie, I was dreading spending 11 hours on a plane with no texting and no wifi, yes I am one of those awful people who is a social media addict and feel lost without my phone. However, I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought. We flew with virgin Atlantic and I cant fault them at all. We had great films to watch and LOTS of food. I couldn’t believe the amount we had.  When we got into to the air we had a beverage and a snack of pretzels, then shortly after that we had our main meal I chose chicken curry with rice, with that we also had, a salad bowl, crackers and cheese and then for dessert we had a GU chocolate pot (that was just the first half of the flight). We then had some time to watch films and some people got some sleep. We then got offered ice creams (cute mini Fabs) then we had a steak pasty and then just before landing we had ‘afternoon tea’ which was a cheese sandwich with crisps. Drinks were available throughout the whole of the flight, that included- hot/cold and also alcoholic, so lots of choice. Like I said couldn’t fault the flight.

After the long 11 hours we finally landed, I couldn’t believe how close to strip we were. we were able to see our hotel from the minute we landed. Once we collected our cases we got in a taxi which took all of about 10/15 minutes to get to our hotel. We were excited beyond belief and trying to take everything. Like, we were actually in VEGAS.

We were checked into the hotel nice and quickly and given a room ect, however when we found our room we weren’t happy with it and didn’t want to stay in it. We went back down to reception and requested a different room and the lady that served us did just that. We explained we were there for my friends birthday and it was our first time and they were really understanding. They new room that we were given was amazing. I literally couldn’t fault it. The beds were like sleeping on clouds.

Although our hotels was one of the ones nearer the end of the strip I felt it was perfect. It was reasonably priced inside on things such as food and drink. I’d stay there again 100% however I would request one of the newly refurbished rooms on booking so that you know you are going to get a nice room, although you aren’t in it much its nice to like your room and feel comfortable.

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We spent lot of our first day checking out all the hotel and seeing what was about. As It was the same day we landed, we were knackered but we pushed on through. The hotels are something else. Its a place that I don’t feel I can truly word how amazing it is. Even if you aren’t into gambling I believe its a place to see. My top four hotels are probably-

  • The Bellagio
  • The cosmopolitan
  • The venetian
  • Caesars palace

They are all so well thought out, as are all the hotels but these four just really took my breathe away. The décor and the whole feeling of them inside is just insane. We shopped till we dropped, and were taught how to actually play on the big boy tables. We spent $11 dollars on a mouthful of drink and then realised you get free drink at the tables. I find it really weird how you can just do what you like inside the casinos.

I faced my fear of heights and went on the ride on top of the stratosphere. I screamed the hole time like a big baby but I did it. would I go on it again? NO. We did the High roller, which had really good views. It was good to see Vegas from high up and if I go back I would like to do the helicopter ride to see it even better. We also visited LA whilst there which was out of this world, I will be writing another blog about LA itself so keep your eyes peeled. There is so much to do in vegas and so little time. We went to Fremont street to do the zip wire but it was closed because of strong winds (we cried inside) However whilst there we unexpectedly found the heart attack grill, obviously we had to go in. We were suited and booted in nurses outfits. We had a burger to share and a portion of onion rings. Eyes bigger than our bellies wasn’t the word. I asked for a diet coke and was told they don’t sell anything diet, probably should have guessed that seeing as its called ‘heart attack grill’

For once on that holiday I actually felt I let my hair down and I just did exactly what I wanted. I felt fatter than ever but you know what, I couldn’t change that. I was there and I could do nothing about it so I just got on with it. Going on holiday really helps you forget about everyday life and all the crap you have to deal with daily. I also think it helps reset yourself and makes you appreciate what you have. We all work hard for the things we love and want so why not go away.

I was extremely sad to be leaving but I had the best time and I would go back tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed the read, be sure to check back shortly for my blog about my trip to LA.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

All my love,

Jess x

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